Men’s Hair Replacement Technology Advances

In my over twenty years of talking to men about their hair loss, I am always amazed. Many men agonize over the decision to do something about their hair loss. Some men worry about this problem for over twenty years! With the latest advances in men’s hair replacement technology, there’s no longer any reason to not do something about hair loss and thinning hair.

There is one common thread among the men who I talk to. They hate their hair loss. They hate the fact that they are starting to lose their hair, have lost a moderate amount of hair, or have lost a bunch. They think about their hair loss daily, avoid mirrors, and hate being photographed. Many wear hats at all times. And they all hope for a miracle. Quite frankly, hair is not that important to warrant a miracle!

Now for the weirdest thing. These men are amazed when they see the results of our non-surgical men’s hair replacement processes. They never knew processes like this existed. They are blown away. But, they hesitate to do something. Yeah, they have been thinking about, dreaming about having hair for years and they hesitate. Why? In one word: fear. Yes, now they are fearful of having hair! They hate being the “balding guy”, the “thinning gentleman”, and hate being the butt of their friends comments about the glare.

I think when I look in the mirror, I’m looking at myself 20 years ago. The color, the texture. It is just so amazing! – Ron Stark, The Voice of the Inland Empire

We all have fear of the unknown. But most things in our lives that turn out to be great, only come true if we do something, make a positive decision to remedy a problem. They are fearful of what people will think. The first thing I do when I see a client who has had the process done is “Okay, what did people say?”

Men's Hair Replacement Technology Orange County San Diego CAThe clients say, “Why did I wait so long? I could have had hair all these years I hated my thinning.”

They hear comments like, “Did you lose weight”, “Did you shave your beard”, “You look younger”, “You look better”, “You look happier”, “Why did you always wear a hat with great hair like that”, “You had your hair cut”, etc. etc. Even their macho friends are amazed.

The clients tell me that their fear, their nervousness, their anxiety was for naught.They love finally having hair again. They tell me their previous trepidation has become a non-issue.

There are a lot of causes of men’s hair loss, but the most common cause is just simple genetics. Your grandfather was bald, and so was your father. I have heard men say that losing their hair would not bother them, they would just shave their head. If it would not bother them, why are they shaving their head? A lot of men shave their head to deal with their thinning and balding. Some men look good with shaved noggins, some do not. Most men look better with hair. Heck, most women look better with hair. Fear of having hair. Wow, that never scared me.

For all you men who have been thinking about doing something for years, you men in your 40″s, 50’s and 60’s and keep doing research because it makes you feel better, it is time to, no offense, grow up and overcome your fear and have hair again. If it is something you have thought about, a problem that is now easily overcome, have your fears be of real scary things, not having hair!

I was speaking to a 58 year old gentleman. He had been thinking about his hair loss for over twenty years. Finally he looked at me, got a wide smile on his face, and said ‘I am gonna just do it!’ He told me later, he felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, and all he could think about was “I am gonna have hair again!” Now he does. His friends told him he looked so much healthier and happier, and he was. He said it was the best decision he had ever made. Heck, I think he looks ten years younger.

Amazing Advances in Men’s Hair Replacement Technology

Hair is just hair. Like anything else in life. If something bothers you and you can easily do something about it, that is what you do. And then move on to the really important things. If you or someone you know is experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, then we welcome you or them into our state of the art hair loss treatment and hair replacement studios in San Diego and Orange County for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can schedule a private consultation by calling us at one of the numbers at the top of the site, or schedule online here.

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