Dermatex Client Testimonials


Dermatex Client Testimonials

Dermatex Hair Replacement Professionals has been helping men, women and children in the San Diego and Orange County areas with their hair restoration for over 31 years, and while times have certainly changed, our dedication and passion for helping our clients has only grown. Here are what some of our clients have been saying about what it has been like for them to work with us!

Dermatex is amazing! I was visiting Orange County and needed some help with my hair. I found Dermatex on Yelp and couldn’t be happier. It was a great experience. The staff was friendly and the service was absolutely great. I would definitely recommend Dematex to anyone with a hair loss problem…  READ MORE  (Felisha S.)

About 2.5 years ago I began losing my hair and lost about half the thickness that I had 5 years ago.  I saw a dermatologist and his recommendation to me was to use Rogaine.  I did use Rogaine, but only grew in a little bit of peach fuzz, that didn’t help the rest of my scalp to grow thick hair.  I became desperate because my self confidence was very low and didn’t know what to turn to…  READ MORE

Went to a couple of dermatologist regarding potential hair loss before meeting with Dermatex. Their service and knowledge completely put me at ease. After a thorough review and open discussion of my options, I was relieved to finally get an expert’s truthful opinion without trying to sell me anything. Can’t recommend this place enough if you are debating different treatments!  READ MORE   (Phil S. – Los Angeles)

I have to agree with all the reviews except one of them – somebody named Rluntha D. – who I’m convinced – must be from the competition.  To be so angry – in a  consultation? It sounds completely contrived because anybody who has ever met or dealt with these folks knows better. Here’s my experience with Tuck and his staff … READ MORE

I finally got my new hair and I love it! After years of looking older than my age, I finally decided to do something about it. After months of research and a few consultations I decided on Dermatex. I chose them because I felt very comfortable during my first initial consultation. The staff was very professional, there was no pressure and the price was reasonable compared to 2 other centers i had visited…  READ MORE  (Gayley L. – Los Angeles)

I have been a client for over 10+ years and drive down from Laguna Niguel. Their hair replacement is virtually undectable. I appear 10 years younger which has helped my business career (very competitive these days) and my social life (I am single).  Very professional and incredibly honest.

My hair was starting to thin. I was experiencing hair loss. It was just starting to become noticeable. I used a couple of shampoos and over-the-counter remedies but they did not seem to help. I went to Dermatex and started using one of their hair treatments that they recommended using laser. My hair looks so much better and thicker now. I am really happy with … READ MORE

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