If you are looking to change up your look, then you need to look at these hair style suggestions. These men’s hair style trends can be seen all over these days and they continue to grow in popularity. But what do you do if your locks are not as full as you want them to me. Today you are not limited to cheap wigs that don’t give you an appearance of real hair. Today’s men’s hair replacement is extremely advanced and natural. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are not something you take on and off but rather it becomes apart of you 24/7. You can run, swim, shower, sleep in it just like your own natural growing hair and you can also style it any way you like even any of the tops styles below.

The Textured Top

If you are looking to make a change in your appearance, this the cheapest way to do it. It seems the world has been kept clean and slick for too long, and now the desire for something a bit more messy is here.

The look with many different variations usually has a common style in which the sides and back are trimmed a little shorter with a fading into longer hair on the top with a point-cut with a scissors for an uneven, nicely textured look.

Long Hair Style

As long as men on the catwalk continue to showcase their ‘Mick Jagger’ swagger, we will continue to see men with long hair. With popular characters like Kit Harrington’s long-locked Jon Snow in Games of Thrones, and men becoming more familiar with using hair products to create the volume and bouncy that makes this style growing in popularity and we will probably continue to see hair length continue to get longer.

The Throwback Style

In 2016, we had the boy-band look of the 1990s start to make a comeback. Not on tour or in royalties, but more in way of hair style looks. Moving forward this year, it is more likely we will continue to see this trend of the parted brow-length fringes that is already coming into high demand.

Lights, Camera, Color

We have seen women take their hair color to the next level and if celebrities like Adam Levine have anything to say about it, the trend is going to grow for men with more bold colors. Hair coloring is still mainly being done by popstars, celebrities, students and the self-employed.

Just like the growing acceptance of beards in the office over the last few years, the trend is moving forward with a dash of colour for men’s hair. If your willing to take leap, try with a bleaching first and see how it goes.

Regardless how you create the look you want this year the fact is there is a lot of options that are very trendy right now and you are only limited my your imagination. While for many, their hair may define who they are and their attractiveness. Our hair should be fun as well as stylish so don’t be afraid to try something new.

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