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Men's Hair Loss - San Diego - Orange CountyI’m sure you can picture it: standing in the hair care aisle surrounded by hundreds of bottles, not sure where to start. Most of us are in a rush and don’t have time to fully understand the nuances between shampoo one and shampoo two. The first one guarantees “extra volume and wave” and the second promises “long lasting shine”. The first is $3.50 and the second is $34.95. You may find yourself asking, how do I choose which one is right for me? Finally, frustration and confusion kick in and you grab the bottle with the brightest graphics or the catchiest phrase. Take a couple of minutes to learn what you should be looking for when you invest in the products that help keep your hair clean and moisturized.

Choosing a shampoo. The first trick to choosing the right shampoo is to determine your scalp type. If you have dry scalp, you’ll want to choose a shampoo specifically for dry scalp. According to Dr. Leong, shampoos made for dry scalp contain more fatty acids, which help the hair to retain moisture. You may also consider choosing a shampoo that has a low pH level, which will make it more acidic. If you have oily scalp, you’ll want to choose a shampoo that will remove the oils from your scalp. However, you don’t want to remove all of the oils since stripping the oils entirely will result in your glands overproducing oil. If your hair is excessively dry, coarse, or curly, you’ll want to use a shampoo for dry hair that will retain water and add more moisture to your locks.

Picking a conditioner. Featured In Style colorist Robert Ramos says that moisture is a critical component of healthy, happy hair. Hair needs water in order to remain flexible, which prevents breaking and other types of damage. Put simply, conditioners are water-based products that moisturize your hair and help to seal in water. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, published author and “healthy hair enthusiast,” encourages women to steer clear of products that contain petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin. These ingredients do not moisturize and may in fact dry your hair. When you’re choosing a conditioner, it is important to know your hair type. If you have oily, limp hair, you’ll want to choose a volumizing conditioner. If your hair is overly dry, look for a deep conditioning, rich, moisturizing conditioner. If you’re using a conditioner to disguise hair thinning, you may consider a conditioner that helps to replenish your hair’s protein and mineral content. Choosing a conditioner that balances your hair’s pH level is also something to consider when you’re deciding which type of product to choose.

Even if you find the perfect products for your hair, it’s important to remember that buildup will still occur. Approximately every ten days you should use a clarifying shampoo, which will remove the buildup of products and give your hair a fresh, clean, look. The products that we use in our hair are one essential part of our hair care system. When you make well-informed choices about the type and quality of product that you use on your hair, you’re taking some ownership in your own hair health. The products that you use will help move your closer to your preferred hairstyle, texture, density, and length.

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