10 Steps to Washing Your Hair

Some people wash their hair every day whereas others wash it only a few times per month. Regardless of how frequently you wash your hair, it’s important to know how to wash it in a way that helps your hair stay healthy and unbroken. Below are 10 easy steps to hair washing that will help your hair stay healthy and you stay happy.

1. female hair loss specialists san diego orange county caChoose a shampoo. Choosing a shampoo is not as easy as walking into the store and grabbing the bottle with the snazziest design. When choosing a shampoo you should first identify the type and needs of your hair. If you have curly, processed, or damaged hair, look for rich, creamy shampoos that will moisturize as much as it will clean. If you have limp, oily hair, it may be best to seek a high quality volumizing shampoo.

2. Choose a conditioner. Choosing a conditioner is an important but often neglected part of hair care. If you have curly, processed, or damaged hair, look for a conditioner that will give some extra hydration. If you have oily or limp hair, you’ll want a lighter conditioner. You may also forgo conditioner altogether if you can brush your hair through without it.

3. Comb your dry hair. Experts from TotalBeauty recommend brushing your hair before you jump in the shower. This is a quick tip that you can use to make the washing and conditioning process easier. Brushing before washing loosens dead skin and dirt from your scalp to make the cleaning process easier. Also, brushing your hair after you’ve showered is easier because you’ve taken out most of the tangles beforehand.

4. Wet your hair. Make sure you wet all areas of your hair thoroughly. Use cool or lukewarm water.

5. Shampoo and rinse. Shampoo your hair by squeezing a dollop of shampoo into the palm of your hand. You should be sure to shampoo the scalp thoroughly by gently massaging your scalp. Make sure you rinse until the water runs clear.

6. Re-shampoo and rinse. If you want especially clean hair, you can re-shampoo. If you choose to re-shampoo, do not do this process frequently. It can dry out your hair. Make sure you rinse until the water runs clear.

7. Condition and rinse. Place a quarter size amount of conditioner onto your hands. Rub the conditioner onto the ends of your hair and avoid the hair roots. Allow the conditioner to sit for at approximately 10 minutes. Rinse until the water runs clear.

8. Towel dry your hair. Writers from BionicBeauty suggest using a towel to gently dry your hair. Make sure not to rub your hair. Simply pat it dry to ensure that none breaks with the friction of the towel.

9. Condition your comb. Place a small amount of conditioner on the bristles of your comb. (An excellent spray-on conditioner is readily available through Transitions hair loss providers). After your hair has dried significantly, gently comb small sections of your hair.

10. Blow dry your hair. If you must blow dry your hair, wait as long as you can. When your hair is mostly dry, blow-dry your locks until they are dry. Hold the dryer as far away from your hair as possible and use cool or medium heat.

Even though it takes a little bit longer to wash your hair thoroughly, try not to take any shortcuts. Washing your hair using the above steps is something completely in your control that helps to keep your hair healthy, manageable and looking great.

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