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Men’s Hair Replacement

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Shane – Male Pattern Baldness

“I am shocked and amazed at the quality of the actual hair”

Shane’s Story

I was around 18 when I probably noticed I having hair loss. I knew I was probably going to have hair transplant or at least that was my goal. I wanted thick dense hair. I consulted with a family friend that was in the business. He basically said that a hair transplant wouldn’t give me the density I wanted and I would probably need two or more hair transplants after that.

I started searching online at different companies. I got to come in for a consultation. We had a great conversation. I felt very relaxed it wasn’t a force sale. It was what is your goal? What is your dream if we are the right fit.

I am shocked and amazed at the quality of the actual hair. You can’t tell where the hair line is. It was something that always weighed down on me I think. It took away from my self–confidence. Now I just feel like a different person. I’m excited.