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Hair Replacement for Women Orange County

Female Hair Loss Solutions

Beautiful custom hair replacement solutions for women in Orange County suffering from alopecia, thinning hair and female hair loss.

Female pattern hair loss and thinning hair can be painful, devastating, and embarrassing. One in four women will experience genetic related hair loss.

There are millions of women that suffer from thinning hair, trichotillomania, alopecia areata and hair loss as a result from chemotherapy treatments, medical treatments or trauma.

Our expert hair restoration team of specialists is dedicated to meeting the needs of women in the Laguna Hills – Orange County area.

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Hair Replacement for Women – Orange County, California

We at Dermatex Hair Repleacement are proud and excited to offer women the most advanced, natural and beautiful hair loss solution for women. They are designed specifically to meet the individual needs and desires. It is our passion to help you understand the causes of your hair loss and share with you the many hair replacement options that are available at Dermatex Hair Replacement in Orange County that can restore your hair.

In the recent years the extraordinary advancements for women’s hair replacement and hair restoration have been life changing for many women. Today’s hair loss solutions give you results that are undetectable to the most probing eyes or touch. It feels and moves like real, natural hair. Today there is no reason to suffer the nervous glances and raised eyebrows from others.

Hair Replacement for Women – Orange County

Now is the time to enjoy the trusted results from our female hair restoration programs which include custom hair replacement for women, Virtuesse hair replacement systems, as well as our very own exclusive female hair augmentation solutions.

Dermatex in Orange County, California offers proven female hair loss solutions and treatments options and hair loss prevention products perfect for all types of women’s hair loss, from mild to severe. Our women’s hair loss solutions include:

  • Virtuesse Hair Replacement Options for Women
  • Beautiful Alopecia and medical wigs
  • Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy
  • Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment products

We have professional female hair loss specialists that are dedicated to giving you the highest standard of personalized, confidential service. They understand the many issues that accompany hair loss and thinning hair and it’s emotional toll on women with hair loss. We have stylists that have the technical expertise and artistry to truly transform your look and give you the length, volume and hair style that you have been dreaming of.

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