Most men that have hair loss, it can become a major concern. A study revealed that most men are more worried about losing their hair than they are about losing their minds. Most women are typically not concerned about men with male hair loss with only about 13 percent say they would be upset if their man lost his hair. The same cannot be said for men as a majority of them say female hair loss would be a major turn-off.

Male Pattern Hair lossA study done by Psychology Today found that men assumed their appearance has a greater impact on women than what women acknowledged it does. In the study, women were asked to rank for personality and four physical variables in order of importance when selecting a man for a relationship. Personality won without question.

Men’s hair loss can develop because of a number of factors which is why it’s important to consult with a professional that can diagnose the cause of your hair loss. It could be caused by hereditary or it may be brought on by a more serious condition. Most male hair loss happens because of hereditary predisposition and is known as male pattern baldness. It is estimated that over 80 percent of men over the age of 70 are affected by this type of hair loss. You may notice your hair receding when you are still in high school or it might not show until you are in your 40’s. Regardless of your age when you notice your hair loss it can affect your confidence. It is best to speak to a hair loss professional that the start of your thinning hair to get the best treatment and advice going forward.

Confidence is simply nothing more than a matter of being comfortable within your own skin. Some people are fine without a full head of hair and others become nervous at the thought of losing their hair. If your self-esteem is suffering because of your hair loss then there is no better way to make you feel better and getting to the root of the problem. A hair loss professional is trained to do just that and they can advise you in all the treatments available to you so you can keep the hair you have and if you have severe hair loss they can offer solutions to restore your hair and thereby restoring your confidence.