It has long been said that blondes have some good times. All things considered, the jury is still out on that one, yet have you ever asked why you have blonde, red, or chestnut hair? What makes our hair color our hair color?

In short, Melanins are in charge of your hair, skin tone and eye shading. In layman’s terms Melanins are a gathering of colors present in hair, skin and eyes. Without getting excessively scientific about it, your hair shading is decided by the different measures of melanin and pigment type.

There are two kinds of melanin. The darker color tone is called Eumelanin, which is prevailing in both dark and brunette hair. The two variations of Eumelanin are chestnut and dark. Blonde hair happens when smaller measures of brown Eumenlanin are available and different shades are absent. The second sort of melanin is called Pheomelanin, which is a lighter shade that makes red hair.

For quite a long time man has battled nature and is continually searching for approaches to sidestep hereditary qualities. The excellence of it is you don’t generally need to settle for what you were conceived with. In case you’re not content with the shading hair you’ve been allotted, there is continually something you can do about it. From to human hair wigs, there are numerous choices out there. At Dermatex Hair in San Diego and Orange County, we offer the most astounding quality hair restoration solutions for women and men, We can give you a chance to figure out for the last time if blondes truly have a fabulous time.