mens hair replacement restoration orange county san diego caDo you feel you are losing more hair than normal? For some men, this is the question that they ask themselves when they near their 30s. Male pattern baldness is something men would rather not have, but the sad fact is that about half of all men begin to lose their hair to some degree by the time they are 30.

What You Need to Know About Hair Loss

Before you begin to obsess over hair loss, you should note that daily hair loss is normal. We all lose between 100 to 125 hairs every day.

Your hair undergoes three stages in its life cycle. There is the anagen phase, catagen phase, and the telogen phase. When a person is experiencing more than 10 percent of their hair in the telogen phase, also called telogen effluvium, this is a temporary condition. This condition can be brought on by stress, sickness, and other factors like poor nutrition, hygiene, and hair coloring, or daily styling. So if you see a clump of hair in the sink or shower drain you shouldn’t worry that you may have male pattern baldness.

How Much Is Too Much?

You may be wondering how you can tell if the hair loss you have is considered excessive. One test you can do is to start with a clean and dry head of hair. Run your fingers through a portion of it and give a gentle tug as you get toward the ends. Now count the strands of hair in your hand. If you have 3 to 6 hairs or more then you may have a hair loss problem.

When Should You Consider A Hair Loss Treatment

Your hair loss could just be temporary and if that is the case getting a hair loss treatment may be premature. If your hair loss is steadily getting worse and you have noticeable thinning on top of your head, a receding hairline, or patchy bald spots on your scalp then you need to seek out a hair loss solution.

Today the solutions available for men have grown and there are treatments for every type and level of hair loss:

Laser Hair Therapy – This FDA approved treatment is used to stimulate hair regrowth. Often, laser hair therapy is combined with stem cell treatments to give results that are even more positive. Because it promotes natural hair growth for men it can be a wonderful option to help men regain natural hair thickness.

Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementsCustom Men’s Hair Replacement Solutions for men bridge the gap between conventional hair replacements and surgical hair transplants. Highly advance technology makes this procedure possible, and it achieves a natural-looking result even up close and personal. It is a great solution for men experiencing baldness on the top of their scalp and you are looking for a non-surgical solution.

Hair Transplants – Because of the many celebrities opting to choose surgical hair restoration, this solution has become very popular. Your healthy existing hair can be transplanted to the areas where you are experiencing thinning or balding areas. Because the hair being transplanted is your own existing hair there is no special maintenance required. You can perform your normal hair care routine. Not every client is a candidate for a hair transplant procedure as you would need to have enough donor hairs available and the right quantity of hair, so you get the best results.

To learn more about these different hair loss treatments, we encourage you to schedule a free, private consultation. Taking the first step to overcome hair loss is getting accurate information. Schedule your free consultation with us today and let us help you have great looking hair.

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