If you have been avoiding going swimming in the ocean because of fear that the salt water will cause damage to your hair, you need to read on. Summer time get everyone looking to keep cool and that means hitting the beach for many. Chlorine that is used in pools is proven to try out and rob your hair of nutrients, but saltwater actually helps your scalp and hair.

The Benefits of Salt Water

If you go from cold, dry area to the topical beaches you will notice quickly that the salt water does amazing thing to your scalp and hair. This happens because salt water has many therapeutic, and highly concentration of minerals and vitamins.

When these vitamins and minerals are absorbed into your skin and scalp the antibiotic effect which can lesson many ailments such as acne and psoriasis all while promoting better circulation and encouraging a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Using Sea Water to Keep Your Hair Healthy

If you have access to the ocean year round then taking advantage of the benefits that salt water can give your hair. Each time you go swimming you expose your hair and body to the healthy minerals that can soothe dry, itchy skin and help promote healthy hair and hair growth.

While salt water is beneficial to your hair and scalp it is important to remember to rinse off with fresh water. This will prevent excess salt buildup and in turn will keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny. If you have fine hair and worry that any drying by the salt could damage your hair, just coat your hair in coconut oil before swimming.

What If There’s No Ocean Near You?

You don’t have to live near an ocean to take advantage of these healthy minerals. You can purchase over-the-counter saltwater spray at many drugstores or you can make one of your own. All you have to do is spritz a little on your hair before you style it. It will also give you a fun, beachy texture to your hair as well as improve the health of your scalp.

If you are avoiding the beach and saltwater benefits because of your thinning hair then you should do something about it. At Dermatex we can help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs but it all starts with you making the call for a free hair loss consultation.


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