Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement


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Virtual Reality Custom Men’s Hair Replacement

Great hair restoration begins with a individually customized men’s hair replacement system. Our premium Virtual Reality men’s hair replacement utilizes only the best euro textured natural human hair for a completely undetectable, totally natural look and feel.

If you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy exercising, swimming, skiing, sweating, and participating in high-impact sports, then Virtual Reality individually customized men’s hair replacement could be the perfect men’s hair loss solution you’ve been looking for.

Total Hair Loss Solutions for Men

Now you can have a full head of great looking hair again and feel great about your appearance and the image you project wherever you go.

At Dermatex Hair Replacement in San Diego and Orange County, California, we combine confidence and innovation with Virtual Reality, a cutting-edge non-surgical hair replacement solution for men. Virtual Reality’s advanced technology seamlessly integrates with your own existing hair, providing a flawless, totally natural look.

By precisely matching the color, density, and angle of your naturally growing hair, you can forget about checking your hair in the mirror every five minutes.

State-of-the-Art Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Replacement

At Dermatex in San Diego and Orange County, our commitment to excellence in hair restoration can be seen in the personalized approach we take with each of our client. The Virtual Reality® process begins with an in-depth, private consultation to understand your unique concerns and preferences. Our experienced professionals then individually customize your Virtual Reality hair replacement system to precisely match your natural hair color, texture, and style, ensuring a natural, undetectable result that is uniquely you.

One of the key advantages of Virtual Reality® is its non-surgical nature. Forget about uncomfortable, invasive procedures and hello to a natural, non-invasive men’s hair loss solution you can get excited about.

The technology behind Virtual Reality® allows for comfort and cool breathability, making it an enjoyable, practical men’s hair loss solution for everyday wear and restored confidence.

Non-surgical men's hair replacement orange county san diego california
Non-surgical men's hair replacement orange county san diego california

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