laser hair restoration therapy treatmentLaser hair loss treatment for alopecia, specifically Androgenic Alopecia (genetically related hair loss and thinning hair) can be particularly effective.

You may have heard the medical term for hair loss and baldness: “Alopecia.” Alopecia can happen naturally has a part of the aging for men and women. It can also happen as a result of a medical treatments like chemotherapy which are used to treat cancer. Some other causes of hair loss may include fungal infections of the scalp, or trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder which causes individuals to pull out their own hair. These are less common that alopecia that occurs as we age.

Stopping hair loss or regrowing the hair that has been lost through alopecia has become an industry in and of itself. Those who have tried topical treatments and have not successfully regrown hair, or who wish to avoid the pain associated with hair transplants and painful injections, low-level laser hair therapy can be an alternative treatment worth trying.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that for many begins in during childhood and produces small quarter-sized patches of hair loss. The condition occurs when white blood cells attack the hair follicles. This condition can progress to complete loss of hair on the head (alopecia totalis) or even a more rare type in which all body hair falls out (alopecia universalis).

Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition where hair loss and baldness in older family members could be an indicator of baldness that may occur in the younger generations as they age.

Hair loss patterns are mainly gender-specific. Male pattern baldness mainly begins at the hairline and proceeds across the top of the scalp. Female diffuse baldness maintains the hairline, but the hair thins gradually, mostly on the top of the head and in the crown area.

Telogen effluvium is hair loss following a systemic shock, such as post-operative.

Treating Alopecia with Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

laser hair loss treatment for alopecia orange county san diego caFirst, it is important to recognize that laser hair loss treatment for alopecia is not for everyone. Low level laser hair therapy is used to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp, resulting in the stimulating hair growth in healthy or weak hair follicles. Although laser hair therapy stimulates weak living hair follicles at the cellular level, it is not able to revive dead follicles. For this reason, laser hair loss treatment programs work best for individuals in the early stages of hair loss, such as that indicated on the Norwood Scale in categories 1-3. While some patients may see improvement to weak or thinning hair within just a few weeks, any major change takes from up to six to 12 months and requires regular ongoing treatments.

The lasers used in laser hair loss treatment therapy to treat alopecia are quite different from the types of lasers that we typically associate with burning or cutting. Therapeutic lasers used to treat androgenic alopecia (genetically related hair loss) are called low-level lasers, or low-intensity lasers, and do not produce heat or damage the skin or hair follicles in any way. Instead, these lasers produce light of a certain wavelength and energy that passes through the upper layers of the scalp without harming it and is absorbed by the cells within the scalp. Through this process, knows as photo-biotherapy, the light energy enhances and improves the cell function, thus stimulating the healing process of weak hair follicles.

Our hair loss treatment clients at our Orange County and San Diego facilities who have had success with laser hair loss treatment therapy for androgenic alopecia have experienced thicker, fuller hair and many men and women have seen hair loss come to a stop as a result of laser hair loss treatment therapy.

Orange County & San Diego Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Alopecia

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