My Experience with the Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair System

Female Hair Loss Replacement - Cesare RagazziIt has been just six months the I got my CNC Cesare Ragazzi hair system. I can once again do the small things like flick my hair, try different hairstyles, curl my hair and I no longer feel self-conscious about my hair loss. My new hair is amazing and I can live my active lifestyle again with confidence.

Once a month, I have my Cesare Ragzzi CNC hair system serviced, which is just like going to my regular salon, except they remove it, clean it, reattach it and style my hair just the way I want it. I always feels wonderful after I’ve had my monthly styling session, and I walk out of the studio feeling great, knowing my hair looks so good.

I remember when I first got my hair system. In the back of my mind, I would wonder if it would be inconvenient to have to go to the salon every month. Then I realized that I already did that to have my hair cut and it shouldn’t be much different.

I had thinning hair for a long while and going to the hairdresser was something I always hated to do. My hair loss filled me with anxiety. Now with my new hair, it has become something I looked forward to. It now feels like I am going to hang out with friends while I relax and read a magazine.

Cesare Ragazzi really has changed my life. Over the last six months, I get to walk around with hair bouncing back and forth. It felt like it is a part of me just like my real hair had been for years before I started losing it.

Every day I find time to work out and my hair system does great. I put it in a ponytail and I’m good to go. It even looks good after a workout.

I can shower and wash my hair like I always have. I can use a blow dryer on a lower setting for about three minutes then let the rest air dry and it always looks great.

I have always been an active person, and I love to go swimming and I can tell you, not one person has ever questioned me about my hair. It looks completely natural even when it is wet. I have even had people tell me that they wish they had my hair. It really makes me feel good.

I also enjoy riding bikes, hiking, and camping. My hair gives me a freedom I didn’t realize I have been missing. My thinning hair always made me feel uncomfortable doing a lot of the activities I enjoy. Whether I am getting out of the pool or letting the wind blow my hair biking around I never worry about hair loss anymore.

As any girl will tell you, going on a date can make you a bit nervous on its own. At first, going out left me feeling a bit apprehensive. Would they notice or comment on it, would they be able to see it was a hair system?

I am happy to say neither date I have been on ever noticed. Even when my hair was touched, it never raised any attention. It really is undetectable.