Men’s Hair Styles Trends in 2023


If you are looking to change up your look, then you need to look at these hair style suggestions. These men's hair style trends can be seen all over these days and they continue to grow in popularity. But what do you do if your locks are not as full as you want them to me. Today you are not limited to cheap wigs that don't give you an appearance of real hair. Today's men's hair replacement is extremely advanced and natural. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are not something you take on and off but rather it becomes apart of you 24/7. You can run, swim, shower, sleep in it just like your own natural growing hair and you can also style it any way you like even any of the tops styles below. The Textured Top If you are looking to make a change in your appearance, this the cheapest way to do it. It seems the world has been kept clean and slick for too long, and now the desire for something a bit more messy is here. The look with many different variations usually has a common style in which the sides and back are trimmed [...]

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Salt Water and Your Hair: What You Need to Know


The ocean is an excellent resource of natural salt and minerals. It can be beneficial to both our hair and skin. Unlike the affects of chlorine on your hair, the healing elements of the ocean are as endless as the summer if you properly care for your hair before and after you take a dip. It’s extremely important to protect your strands from over exposure to the heat, sun and lingering salt. There are several steps you can take to keep your hair looking healthy, radiant, and gorgeous while enjoying the summer months at the beach. Before diving into the sea be sure to use a pre-conditioner on your hair to protect it while allowing the healing elements of the minerals to settle into your scalp. If you’d prefer to go all natural you can use coconut oil or pure Moroccan oil, which will perform the same way a conditioner would. Salt water is a known healer, which is part of the appeal of the ocean. It detoxifies and reduces swelling and can sooth irritated skin and scalp. Seawater has been proven to have an antibiotic effect. All in all it can improve the condition of a dry scalp. There [...]

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Hair Loss Solutions That Work | Dermatex Hair Restoration San Diego Q&A


Right now as you are reading this, in America there are roughly 35 million men are encountering some type of male pattern baldness and are looking for hair loss solutions that work. Around 21 million women in America are likewise experiencing hair loss. Yet, just around one million individuals worldwide are looking for expert treatment. Also, about portion of those individuals encountering balding have said they would spend their life savings to recover their hair. So what's preventing them from deserting male pattern baldness? Two key elements become an integral factor, fear and lack of education. Most fear how they will look. Terrible toupees, hair plugs and awful wigs are what pop into the vast majority's heads when they consider hair loss treatment. Some are anxious it would require surgery. Balding treatment has come a very long way since the toupee's times. Do you know what's accessible to you? At Dermatex Hair Replacement in San Diego & Orange County, we offer different hair loss solutions and most don't require surgery. Today's modern non-surgical hair replacement systems utilize 100% human hair and is amazingly undetectable, even up close and personal. It's ideal for any guy with an active, dynamic lifestyle. There [...]

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The Hair Growth Cycle and Hair Loss for Women


When someone hears the term “thin hair” or “thinning hair” they often think it is the same thing, when actually, they are different. While both may appear to be the same, thin hair refers to the thickness of each individual strand of hair. Some people are born with hair that is thin. It can appear to look stringy or flat. Thinning hair is what happens in the beginning stages of hair loss. The thickness of the hair strands decrease, becoming more, and more, fine until eventually the hair follicle disappears. The end result is a bald patch. Thinning hair can happen for several reasons and many of them are the result of nature just taking its course. With the most common reason being genetics. Aging women will often experience thinning hair as they get into their golden years. For some, it can happen at an earlier point in their life. There can be hormonal changes that can be responsible for thinning hair. As an example, menopause or post-pregnancy can often cause thinning hair. During menopause, estrogen levels begin to decrease, and when this happens it can leave hair in a vulnerable state. There is nothing that can shift hormone levels [...]

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What Causes Balding & Hair Loss in Men & Women?


Anyone who has gone through the stages of balding & hair loss can tell you that it can be a very distressing time, especially when you don’t know the cause of your hair loss.There are many factors that contribute to hair loss in men and women: the most common cause of balding and hair loss is androgenic alopecia (genetic inherited balding and thinning hair).  But there are many other causes of hair loss in men, women and children as well. When women notice the beginning signs of hair loss, it is best to seek medical advice to discover any underlying factors. It can also be useful to look into hair loss solutions when you are about to embark on certain debilitating medications. Dermatex Hair Restoration in Orange County, California has come up with some illnesses and lifestyle factors that often contribute to hair loss. Can the Wrong Diet Cause Balding & Hair Loss? A poor diet is bad for your health in general, and your hair health is also affected. A diet high in junk food contains toxins which need to be eliminated from your body and that includes from the scalp as well because it can result in greasy, [...]

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Eight Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2020 | San Diego, Orange County CA


The modern man always wants to look his best and often that means keeping with the latest changing hair trends, but also he needs to know when classical, timeless hair cuts are the best. With that said, he also isn’t afraid to bring out his own unique style when it comes to his hair. Check out the celebrities latest hot hairstyles and you can choose the one that is perfect for you. The Undercut Celebrity Style: Justin Bieber is another start who is ever-evolving his hair style. His bleached undercut is the best for young men. It borders on the adolescent trends of not playing is safe, but hey would we expect anything less from this pop star. The Subtle, Sensual Waves Celebrity style: If you are one of the lucky few that still have lots of hair you might like the classy look that was recently seen on Oscar Isaac. It’s a real proper gentleman look. The Old-Hollywood Man Celebrity Style: We all know that Ryan Gosling looks good with any hairstyle. His latest hairstyle is this Gatsby Hollywood traditional he wore on the red carpet. It’s a sure bet that old Hollywood style that looks great on younger [...]

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Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Alopecia | Orange County, San Diego CA


Laser hair loss treatment for alopecia, specifically Androgenic Alopecia (genetically related hair loss and thinning hair) can be particularly effective. You may have heard the medical term for hair loss and baldness: "Alopecia." Alopecia can happen naturally has a part of the aging for men and women. It can also happen as a result of a medical treatments like chemotherapy which are used to treat cancer. Some other causes of hair loss may include fungal infections of the scalp, or trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder which causes individuals to pull out their own hair. These are less common that alopecia that occurs as we age. Stopping hair loss or regrowing the hair that has been lost through alopecia has become an industry in and of itself. Those who have tried topical treatments and have not successfully regrown hair, or who wish to avoid the pain associated with hair transplants and painful injections, low-level laser hair therapy can be an alternative treatment worth trying. What is Alopecia? Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition that for many begins in during childhood and produces small quarter-sized patches of hair loss. The condition occurs when white blood cells attack the hair follicles. This condition can [...]

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Men’s Hair Replacement Technology 2016


Men's Hair Replacement Technology Advances In my over twenty years of talking to men about their hair loss, I am always amazed. Many men agonize over the decision to do something about their hair loss. Some men worry about this problem for over twenty years! With the latest advances in men's hair replacement technology, there's no longer any reason to not do something about hair loss and thinning hair. There is one common thread among the men who I talk to. They hate their hair loss. They hate the fact that they are starting to lose their hair, have lost a moderate amount of hair, or have lost a bunch. They think about their hair loss daily, avoid mirrors, and hate being photographed. Many wear hats at all times. And they all hope for a miracle. Quite frankly, hair is not that important to warrant a miracle! Now for the weirdest thing. These men are amazed when they see the results of our non-surgical men's hair replacement processes. They never knew processes like this existed. They are blown away. But, they hesitate to do something. Yeah, they have been thinking about, dreaming about having hair for years and they hesitate. [...]

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Vin Scully – A Tribute to One of the Finest Baseball Announcers Ever


Vin Scully: The Consummate Storyteller Vin Scully departs from baseball as the renowned announcer for the LA Dodgers baseball team. I will forever remember Vin Scully’s voice as he called the Dodger home games (and selected road games). He is known for a sweet and soothing voice, lyrically descriptive style, and his own signature introduction to Dodger games: “It's time for Dodger baseball! Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good (afternoon/evening) to you, wherever you may be." As I think of all the sports announcers that have come and gone, Vin Scully has certainly left his mark in baseball history like no other announcer before him, in a career that has spanned over 67 years. It is hard to imagine what a Dodger game will be like without hearing his voice. When the 22 year old Vin Scully first stepped into the Dodger broadcast booth with legendary announcer Red Barber, Winston Churchill hadn’t started his second term as prime minister of Great Britain. Connie Mack, a man that was born while Abraham Lincoln was president, was the manager of the league. And the Dodgers still played baseball at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn! Baseball and My Baseball Cap Collection It wasn’t [...]

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