The biggest benefit of using a hair replacement system is that you can instantly return to the way you looked before you lost your hair. No other treatment – even painful surgery – can do that!

While others are rubbing on topical solutions, swallowing hair loss supplements, and taking prescriptions, you alone will have the thick hair density you had prior to you losing your hair.  Custom-made hair replacement systems give you that full head of hair you want and the total freedom you had with your natural hair.

What is a hair replacement system?  It used to be a kind word for ugly, unnatural looking toupees and other types of hairpieces.  Attached to your head with glue or tape, these hairpieces looked so fake, they became popularly known as “rugs” for their uncanny resemblance to cheap shaggy carpeting.

Today, technology has given us a hair replacement system that can’t be detected even in a close examination of the scalp. Virtual Reality pioneered a technology that is like a contact lens for your scalp. The lens cannot be seen when it’s in place and the human hair that is rooted in the lens appears to be growing directly out of your scalp.

Many of the people who use the Virtual Reality hair replacement system come to the salon after years of frustration working with oils, creams, supplements, and medications. They’ve already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and they’ve never had even one day where they were happy with their look. Getting great quality hair replacement, though, is like playing roulette with a wheel that has only one number on it – it’s a sure bet. There’s no wondering what the result will be and, with Virtual Reality, you don’t even have to pay to find out what you will look like with their unique system.

So if you’ve been struggling with other hair loss treatments – or you’re wondering if you even want to get started with all the messy oils and lotions, or the pills or even (ouch!) surgery – knowing how little success they offer to most people, then you owe it to yourself to try Virtual Reality.