How Can CNC Impact My Life?


My Experience with the Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair System It has been just six months the I got my CNC Cesare Ragazzi hair system. I can once again do the small things like flick my hair, try different hairstyles, curl my hair and I no longer feel self-conscious about my hair loss. My new hair is amazing and I can live my active lifestyle again with confidence. Once a month, I have my Cesare Ragzzi CNC hair system serviced, which is just like going to my regular salon, except they remove it, clean it, reattach it and style my hair just the way I want it. I always feels wonderful after I've had my monthly styling session, and I walk out of the studio feeling great, knowing my hair looks so good. I remember when I first got my hair system. In the back of my mind, I would wonder if it would be inconvenient to have to go to the salon every month. Then I realized that I already did that to have my hair cut and it shouldn't be much different. I had thinning hair for a long while and going to the hairdresser was something I always [...]

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Hair Loss and Aging: What Can You Do?


Not to often do you see an older person with a full head of hair. This is because our hair goes through three stages as it grows. The growth phase (anagen), a transition phase (anagen to catagen), and a resting phase (catagen) are the three stages of the hair growth cycle. As we age our hair spends more time in the third stage, the resting phase and this means that we shed hair faster than we are able to grow it back. There are other issues that compound the problem. As we age the hair that does grow is thinner and more fine than the hair we have lost. This happens because hair follicles actually shrink and are not able to produce hair at the same density. Genetics has a lot to do with this. Someone may have hair thicker than someone else of the same age. It is not so much what they are doing differently but genetics that allows them to have thicker hair. Thick Hair is a Symbol of Youth If you are someone who was blessed with thick, shiny hair or a head full of bouncy curls, hair loss can be especially hair to accept. Thick [...]

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Women’s Hair Loss Replacement: Is It Right for Me?


Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for men and Virtuesse for women are very effective procedures to treat hair loss. If you’ve been struggling with female hair loss and are looking for a solution, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement is a great option! With all of the different options for hair restoration available, you might find yourself unsure which options are even available to you. Read below to learn if Virtual Reality Hair Replacement is right for you! What is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement? Virtual reality hair replacement is not the tacky, heavy, unnatural “wig” that many women have historically associated with women's hair replacement. It is not a wig or hairpiece, but rather a state-of-the-art hair replacement system that is light, cool, and breathable with hair that falls and moves just like your own natural hair. The system is handcrafted to match your hair color and density and can match any hair loss and growth pattern. Virtual reality hair replacement is designed to meet all hair loss problems artistically, technically, and emotionally. It creates nearly undetectable, natural-looking results. Who is a Candidate? Men, women, and children can all benefit from virtual reality hair replacement. It’s a great option for patients who have [...]

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Washing Your Hair: 10 Steps to Doing It Right


10 Steps to Washing Your Hair Some people wash their hair every day whereas others wash it only a few times per month. Regardless of how frequently you wash your hair, it’s important to know how to wash it in a way that helps your hair stay healthy and unbroken. Below are 10 easy steps to hair washing that will help your hair stay healthy and you stay happy. 1. Choose a shampoo. Choosing a shampoo is not as easy as walking into the store and grabbing the bottle with the snazziest design. When choosing a shampoo you should first identify the type and needs of your hair. If you have curly, processed, or damaged hair, look for rich, creamy shampoos that will moisturize as much as it will clean. If you have limp, oily hair, it may be best to seek a high quality volumizing shampoo. 2. Choose a conditioner. Choosing a conditioner is an important but often neglected part of hair care. If you have curly, processed, or damaged hair, look for a conditioner that will give some extra hydration. If you have oily or limp hair, you’ll want a lighter conditioner. You may also forgo conditioner altogether [...]

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Classifying Women’s Hair Loss: the Ludwig System


Hair loss in women is much less well understood than men’s hair loss. When a woman shows hair loss, it is very common that hair loss was present among other women in her family. Since genetic hair loss presents itself differently in women and men, doctors use the Ludwig system to classify the type of hair loss women are experiencing rather than using the Norwood scale, which is used for men. The Ludwig scale was created for doctors treating women struggling with Androgenetic Alopecia (genetically related hair loss). The purpose of the Ludwig Scale is to measure female hair loss and determine the most appropriate treatment or hair restoration method. Ludwig Classification of Female Pattern Baldness Scale I: Hair is beginning to become thin and diffuse. However, it is very difficult for anyone except for the woman herself to notice. This is the perfect time to begin taking serious and conscientious methods to employ better hair and scalp care. This may include refraining from using high heat blow-dryers and curling irons. You may also consider purchasing appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp type. This is also the time when you should pay your doctor a visit. Scale [...]

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Ethnicity and Hair Type: What’s the Real Deal?


Our hair is a representation of a long history that reflects our particular ethnic and racial heritage. Your hair is also a reflection of your overall health as well as a way to express your way of being in the world. There are certain correlations between ethnicity and hair that are important to know in order to care for your hair properly. Hair density. According to HealthGuidance, Caucasians have the highest hair density, averaging approximately two hundreds strands of hair per square centimeter. Professionals from the Belgravia Center, the UK's leading hair loss clinic, inform us that blondes have about 146,000 hairs on their heads, black-haired people about 110,000 hairs, brunettes about 100,000 hairs and redheads about 86,000 hairs. Asians have approximately 150 hairs for every square centimeter on the scalp with about 80,000 hair follicles on an adult scalp. African Americans have the lowest hair density, averaging around 130 hairs per square centimeter and about 60,000 hair follicles on an adult scalp. Hair growth. Hair care experts at the Belgravia Center as well as eHow health author Cindi Pearce share information about hair growth rates between and within ethnic groups. Asian hair, the most common type in the world, [...]

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Hair 101 – What is Hair?


Hair 101: What is Hair and Why Do We Have It? Have you ever considered the history of hair? Not only does your own hair have a history but also hair in general has a past that is worth knowing. Hair has been around since the beginning of time and it has served many purposes. Below are a few commonly asked questions about the origins and purposes of hair. In order to appreciate and respect the hair that is growing on your head, it is important to know why it is there in the first place. What is hair? Anastasia Nam, master hair stylist, observes that your hair is comprised of the same type of cells as your skin and nails. However, the hair on your head is thicker and hardier. There are somewhere between two and three layers that make-up your hair. The first layer is the cuticle layer, which is composed of small structures that dictate whether your hair is smooth and shiny. When the cuticle layer is damaged, your hair will look dull and lifeless. Underneath the cuticle layer is the cortex layer. This layer determines whether you will have curly or straight hair as well as [...]

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Hair Replacement Systems and You


The biggest benefit of using a hair replacement system is that you can instantly return to the way you looked before you lost your hair. No other treatment - even painful surgery - can do that! While others are rubbing on topical solutions, swallowing hair loss supplements, and taking prescriptions, you alone will have the thick hair density you had prior to you losing your hair.  Custom-made hair replacement systems give you that full head of hair you want and the total freedom you had with your natural hair. What is a hair replacement system?  It used to be a kind word for ugly, unnatural looking toupees and other types of hairpieces.  Attached to your head with glue or tape, these hairpieces looked so fake, they became popularly known as "rugs" for their uncanny resemblance to cheap shaggy carpeting. Today, technology has given us a hair replacement system that can't be detected even in a close examination of the scalp. Virtual Reality pioneered a technology that is like a contact lens for your scalp. The lens cannot be seen when it's in place and the human hair that is rooted in the lens appears to be growing directly out of [...]

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Can Non Surgical Hair Replacement Work for You?


So you want your old, natural hair back.  Everyone suffering from hair loss often does, but for many, that’s not really possible.  The products available today that promote hair regrowth and restoration, generally fall short of expectations and will never give you back your full head of hair once hair loss sets in.  In fact, once you stop taking a hair loss treatment formula, you could very well reverse any progress you made while taking the remedies.  There is just one way to instantly regain a full head of natural-looking hair again and that is through non-surgical hair replacement. Of the few quality options out there, none compares to the hair replacement system pioneered by Virtual Reality.  We are so excited about Virtual Reality because it's a product that's generating so much excitement among both clients and hairstylists alike, both in Hollywood and around the world!  Be sure to go see the videos on other pages that talk about the specifics of the Virtual Reality non-surgical hair replacement systems. But first, some background. Non-surgical hair replacement has traditionally involved plopping a hairpiece on top of a bald head. We're all familiar with the old fake-looking toupees that were taped on [...]

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Home Remedies for Hair Loss: Are They Effective?


Can Home Remedies Really Help with Hair Growth? Hair loss can certainly lower your self-confidence. If your hair loss is something you are trying to over-come, you will want to make sure you are looking into the right products. There are many variations of home remedies that can work but it depends on the cause of your hair loss. Understanding the Reason for Hair Loss To resolve any sort of hair loss you need to look at the cause. What may cause hair loss for one person could be totally differ for another. They can even vary between men and women. For men, the most common causes of hair loss include: • Genetics • Stress and anxiety disorders • Various forms of alopecia • Rashes and allergies on the scalp For women, the most common causes of hair loss are: • Medical conditions • Medical treatments • Nervous conditions • Scalp issues • Poor diet It if for these different causes we urge you to take time to understand the cause of your hair loss before exploring home remedies. The real truth is that home remedies are nearly as effective compared to hair restoration solutions. Some home remedies can result [...]

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