Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for Men


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Virtual Reality for Men – Amazing Results

Do you have thinning hair, are you going bald? We would like to introduce you to the most natural-looking hair replacement solution known as virtual reality hair replacement allows you to stop thinking about how you don’t have. Virtual Reality is a complete hair replacement system that is totally customized to an individuals’ specific hair loss.

Virtual Reality non-surgical hair replacement is a non-invasive men’s system designed to give you back the hair you want when your natural hair growth process has been interrupted. It is natural for everyone to shed hair, which is then followed by natural hair regrowth, but when new hair is no longer able to grow hair loss is the result.

100% Natural Human Hair

San Diego Orange County Mens Hair ReplacementGreat hair starts with a great hair restoration system. That is why Virtual Reality hair replacement systems only uses the finest 100% natural human hair. If you are a man with an active lifestyle or like to swim, shower, ski, sweat, and play high-impact sports without anyone knowing your secret, this is the hair system for you. Because real hair is used, Virtual Reality is so much like your own naturally growing hair, that you will forget you ever had a hair loss problem. You will have a restored full head of hair in the style you want thanks to our highly skilled team of hair restoration professionals.

Virtual Reality: The Details Make the Difference

Unlike other non-surgical hair replacement systems, Virtual Reality hair replacement systems are made with real 100% human hair that is carefully and perfectly implanted into the super-thin DermaLens base with incredible craftsmanship and detail. Each tiny hair graft is implanted into a completely smooth and undetectable second-skin type base that Virtual Reality calls a “DermaLens base.” The results are nothing short of amazing when you see how our custom Virtual Reality men’s hair pieces are the most complete and the most natural-looking men’s hair replacement solution anywhere.

Travel with Peace of Mind

Virtual Reality hair offers so much more than just a superior men’s hair replacement system. There is no home maintenance that you need to perform. Treat it just like your own hair. You get the finest monthly hair service from Dermatex hair specialists in San Diego and Orange County, California. And when you travel for business or pleasure, Virtual Reality has a nationwide network of over 80 certified hair replacement studios to take care of your every need.

Solutions You Can Trust

In the San Diego and Orange County areas, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement systems are the totally natural looking men’s hair pieces that today’s men want. And it is available exclusively at Dermatex Hair Replacement in San Diego and Laguna Hills. For over 31 years, Dermatex has been recognized as one of California’s leading hair replacement studios, offer clients professional hair restoration services for all forms of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia (genetic hair thinning and hair loss), hair loss related to medical treatments, trichotillomania, and other forms of hair loss for clients of all ages, ethnicities and hair types.

At Dermatex we work one-on-one with each of our clients to determine the proper and most effective hair loss treatment option for their particular type and degree of hair loss. We encourage you to contact us today and schedule a private, no-obligation consultation with a Dermatex hair restoration professional and see which hair loss solution may be right for you.

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