Childhood Hair Loss: What Can You Do?


Is Your Child Experiencing Hair Loss? Did you know childhood hair loss is more common than you think? Youth alopecia is a main problem that is misconstrued by a lot of people. Facts show that around three percent of all pediatric visits are identified with youngsters balding. The most well-known reason for pediatric balding is tinea capitis, which you may have heard portrayed as ringworm of the scalp. This specific kind of parasite basically assaults hair and follicles. On the off chance that your tyke has patches of red, itchy scalp and short bits of dry hair, its imaginable that he or she may be experiencing tinea capitis. Different sorts of youth pattern baldness incorporate alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), and in addition balding because of trauma. After your specialist legitimately diagnoses your tyke, the impact of balding may set in. As a guardian, you might just see a piece of your kid's reactions, since an extensive part of their lives are used at school. Read beneath to research a portion of impacts of tormenting because of balding and how families can help the ones they adore. Childhood Hair Loss & Bullying The National Institute of [...]

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Aging and Hair Loss


Turning back the hands of time is something man can’t technically accomplish, but we certainly can fool the hands of time. As we age we are constantly looking for ways to bottle up our youthful looks. When wrinkles set in and hair starts thinning it makes us feel old. Nobody wants to feel old. The phrase you “look as good as you feel” truly is versatile. Most of the time we feel as good as we look. How many times have you stepped out in the perfect outfit with the perfect hairstyle and felt like a million bucks? At Dermatex Hair in San Diego & Orange County we take pride in making you feel as good as you look years younger. After all, hair makes the man as they say. And that goes for women as well. Specializing in men and women’s hair loss solutions our experts will assess your hair loss condition and find the perfect, customized solution for you. We have successfully debunked the myth that you have to have surgery or wear a toupee in order to cover up your hair loss. Through our state-of-the-art non-surgical hair restoration procedures including non-surgical hair replacement for men and custom [...]

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Understanding Men’s Hair Loss & the Solutions Available


Do you feel you are losing more hair than normal? For some men, this is the question that they ask themselves when they near their 30s. Male pattern baldness is something men would rather not have, but the sad fact is that about half of all men begin to lose their hair to some degree by the time they are 30. What You Need to Know About Hair Loss Before you begin to obsess over hair loss, you should note that daily hair loss is normal. We all lose between 100 to 125 hairs every day. Your hair undergoes three stages in its life cycle. There is the anagen phase, catagen phase, and the telogen phase. When a person is experiencing more than 10 percent of their hair in the telogen phase, also called telogen effluvium, this is a temporary condition. This condition can be brought on by stress, sickness, and other factors like poor nutrition, hygiene, and hair coloring, or daily styling. So if you see a clump of hair in the sink or shower drain you shouldn’t worry that you may have male pattern baldness. How Much Is Too Much? You may be wondering how you can tell [...]

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Keeping Your Hair Healthy


Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy This Summer Keeping your hair healthy is an important part of maintaining your health. Many people think that keeping your hair healthy is a simple as avoiding harsh chemical treatments and making sure to get a trim a few times per year. While these types of maintenance practices are important, it doesn’t just end there, because bad hair health can lead to a host of hair and scalp problems, including alopecia and hair loss. Below are six ways that you can keep your hair healthy. Maintain a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy, protein rich diet is an important part of keeping your hair healthy. Science has shown levels of vitamin B and D to correlate with healthy hair in individuals. Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a Chicago-based dietitian, says "if you eat a healthy diet, you will grow stronger and healthier cells throughout your entire body—inside and out." Brush wisely. Always use a wide-tooth comb when you're combing your hair. Begin at the root of your hair and gently bring the comb all the way to the end. If you feel that your hair is breaking remove the comb and try to disentangle the hair [...]

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25 Hair Loss Facts


If hair loss is a problem for you, one of the best ways of finding something that works for you is to research it!  Get informed about the pros and cons of the methods that actually do work and understand how each method intends to help you. Hair loss or thinning hair is not caused by stress. Hair loss is not caused by poor circulation at your hair follicles. Hair loss is also not caused by the excessive use of wearing hats. Hair loss is not caused by the build-up of dirt and oils on your scalp! The hair regrowth process in men is affected by the binding of the DHT hormone and androgen receptors.  An increase in binding causes “androgenetic alopecia” and results in hair loss. There are 5 types of hair loss treatments that work for men – the use of growth stimulants, DHT inhibitors, anti-inflammatories, anti-androgens and SOD’s. Many men, but not all, experience inflammation, tingling, itching or redness on the scalp during the process of hair loss. Hair loss for many women can be reversible and there is a hair loss remedy for it With female androgenetic alopecia, women experience a thinning of the hair as [...]

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Are There Benefits from a Hair Loss Treatment?


With so many hair loss treatment products and regimens available, you must be wondering which one is right for you. We’re glad you’re taking the time to do some research before you buy and start using any hair loss products.  The road to a full head of hair is littered with so many bottles and boxes of products that didn't work. So many people have lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars buying products that are either outright scams or that greatly exaggerate their benefits.  Here’s a short description of some of the hair loss treatments available to help you make an informed buying decision. Medications Hair loss medications work to promote hair re-growth.  For men, these treatments might generally include a DHT blocker (as in Rogaine for Men).  For women - who don't have the male hormone DHT - there are different formulations of hair loss medication.  Women will find that many doctors will want to make sure that androgenetic alopecia is the case before prescribing medication.  And for both men and women making the first attempt at treatment, doctors will more often rather prescribe a topical treatment rather than one taken internally. Clinics Hair loss clinics can be [...]

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Men & Women’s Hair Loss – Fact and Fiction


When it comes to hair loss there has been a lot of good and bad information over the years. Some of it is the truth, while some may simply be fiction. At Dermatex Hair we have been helping men and women for over 27 years. We want to help you learn the real truth when it comes to hair loss and hair loss solutions that are available today. Hair Coloring Causes Permanent Hair Loss This isn’t true. While some products and hair coloring can be the cause of temporary damage to your hair, it shouldn’t damage the hair follicles to the point that it would cause permanent hair loss. Your Mother’s Side is the Cause of Your Hair Loss This is false. Hair loss isn’t determined by just one gene set. Hair loss can be hereditary and your genes come from both sides of your family. Genetic hair loss is a very common type of hair loss for men and women, and it’s also very treatable. When You Lose Your Hair, You Lose Your Identity This, for many, is true. For men and women that suffer with hair loss, often find that their hair is a big part of them. [...]

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Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Solutions – Men and Women


There are now a variety of effective Alopecia Areata hair loss solutions for men, women and children to combat the appearance of alopecia areata hair loss. The condition known as Alopecia Areata causes you to lose your hair, either in patches or all together. In most cases, this Alopecia Areata (sometimes called spot hair loss) can cause hair loss on the scalp for both men and women, and can affect the beard area in men. Alopecia Areata all starts with your own immune system, which attacks hair follicles where hair grows. Due to the high value of appearance in society, it’s no surprise this disease takes its toll on a psychological level. Physical Appearance Photo Credit: Wikipedia The pattern of hair loss could come in bald patches, stubby patches, or could come of completely over the entire body. After this point, the hair growth is usually sporadic and will show in different places. The normal wait period for hair regrowth is usually a few months, but in some cases is much longer. Hair styling with bald patches can be very frustrating, and even if fixes are made, wind or a draft from a ceiling fan can mess [...]

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Hair Loss Causes and Treatments – Myth & Truth


Hair loss causes for men and women often is debilitating to their confidence. Regardless of age, when someone starts to see their hair is thinning, it brings on the initial reaction of worry, fear and insecurity. Then add information about hair loss and hair loss treatment that are mixed truth and myth, and it can be very confusing and frustrating. Having hair loss is bad enough but receiving misinformation about its causes and treatments just adds to the problem. To clear things, up we have listed down some of the most common misconceptions about hair loss causes and treatments to give you the truth behind them. Hair loss is caused by high testosterone levels The fact is, high levels of testosterone don’t actually cause hair loss. It’s caused by sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or most often referred to as DHT, a hormone and natural compound of testosterone. Wearing hats causes hair loss As we stated in the last answer, hair loss can happen because of sensitivity to DHT. It doesn’t because of the type of hat you wear or even how often you wear a hat. It is not going to cause you to develop hair loss. The only time a [...]

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Are Men or Women Prone to Hair Loss Causes?


The average amount of hair each of us have on our heads is 100,000 hairs. We lose approximately 100 strands of hair every day. The hair loss we have is replaced with new hair growth with the same density. As we age our hair follicles change too. The hair follicles become smaller and the hair they produce become more thin and smaller. This leads the to what is known as patterned hair loss in many of us. Both genders are affected by this and while the pattern of hair loss may differ for men and women, baldness is very common in men, and is usually genetic. The hair loss generally follows a pattern of recession at the temples and baldness on top of the head. Hair loss for women happens with a different pattern. It involves more of a thinning of hair throughout the entire scalp area. True baldness only occurs in about 5% of women. While becoming bald may be more of a male thing, it does happen to women as well, and the hair loss pattern also differs between the genders. What causes hair loss? In some cases there are times when an individual may suffer hair loss [...]

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