When it comes to hair loss there has been a lot of good and bad information over the years. Some of it is the truth, while some may simply be fiction. At Dermatex Hair we have been helping men and women for over 27 years. We want to help you learn the real truth when it comes to hair loss and hair loss solutions that are available today.

Hair Coloring Causes Permanent Hair Loss
This isn’t true. While some products and hair coloring can be the cause of temporary damage to your hair, it shouldn’t damage the hair follicles to the point that it would cause permanent hair loss.

Your Mother’s Side is the Cause of Your Hair Loss
This is false. Hair loss isn’t determined by just one gene set. Hair loss can be hereditary and your genes come from both sides of your family. Genetic hair loss is a very common type of hair loss for men and women, and it’s also very treatable.

When You Lose Your Hair, You Lose Your Identity
This, for many, is true. For men and women that suffer with hair loss, often find that their hair is a big part of them. It plays a factor in your looks and a good hair day fills you with lots of confidence. When someone begins to lose their hair they tend to feel self conscious and can be affected emotionally. There are solutions and treatment options today that allow people with hair loss regain the hair they have been losing and therefore, gain back their identity and confidence.

It Is Better To Brush Your Hair Than To Comb It
There is absolutely no truth to this. Brushing or combing your hair doesn’t cause damage, unless you over brush your hair, which may cause split ends and cause temporary damage to your hair. Over combing your hair can also do this as well, so don’t over do it.

Wearing Hats Causes Hair Loss
This is not true. Sure wearing some hats can make your scalp hot but even if you wear a hat all the time, rest assured it will not cause your hair to fall out. You would have to wear a hat so tight that it would cut off the circulation to your hair follicles. This would be so uncomfortable, you just wouldn’t do it.

Vitamins Can Help Prevent Hair Loss
This is true to a certain point. A vitamin deficiency, malnutrition and even stress can cause your hair to fall out. When your body’s levels of nutrients are back to normal your hair loss will subside. Some vitamins and medications can actually improve your hair loss condition. It is best to consult a hair restoration specialist to determine what you need for your hair to regrow.

You Can’t Cure Hair Loss
Since there is no actual cure for baldness, this may seem true, but this goes in the fiction column. There are many treatments available for men and women. There are surgical hair transplants, and non-surgical hair replacement options, and laser hair therapy treatments that make it possible to reduce and even reverse your hair loss condition.

Hair loss affects millions of men and women every year; you are not alone. Instead of trying to figure out on your own what is truth and what is a myth, speak to a hair restoration professional. Find out more about your specific hair loss condition and get the right answers today.

If you are experiencing any form of Hair Loss, we have many hair replacement options for men and beautiful hair replacement solutions for women that can help. We invite you to contact us today at either Dermatex in San Diego or Dermatex Orange County and schedule a free hair loss evaluation and consultation.

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