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Right now as you are reading this, in America there are roughly 35 million men are encountering some type of male pattern baldness and are looking for hair loss solutions that work. Around 21 million women in America are likewise experiencing hair loss. Yet, just around one million individuals worldwide are looking for expert treatment. Also, about portion of those individuals encountering balding have said they would spend their life savings to recover their hair. So what’s preventing them from deserting male pattern baldness?

Two key elements become an integral factor, fear and lack of education. Most fear how they will look. Terrible toupees, hair plugs and awful wigs are what pop into the vast majority’s heads when they consider hair loss treatment. Some are anxious it would require surgery. Balding treatment has come a very long way since the toupee’s times. Do you know what’s accessible to you?

At Dermatex Hair Replacement in San Diego & Orange County, we offer different hair loss solutions and most don’t require surgery. Today’s modern non-surgical hair replacement systems utilize 100% human hair and is amazingly undetectable, even up close and personal. It’s ideal for any guy with an active, dynamic lifestyle.

There are numerous alternatives for women to browse also. Our adjustable joining frameworks and 100% European natural hair wigs are giving ladies the opportunity to look and feel incredible. In case you’re experiencing thinning hair or hair loss right now is an ideal opportunity to make a move. Try not to be another statistic and endure silently. Be your old self again, the way you remember you.

Hair Loss Solutions That Work –  Hair Restoration San Diego

With non-surgical hair replacement, there are a large group of choices to consider but only one telephone call you have to make. We offer private, confidential services to men, women and children at our Orange County Hair Restoration center, as well as at our San Diego Hair Loss Replacement facilities.