Hair loss causes for men and women often is debilitating to their confidence. Regardless of age, when someone starts to see their hair is thinning, it brings on the initial reaction of worry, fear and insecurity. Then add information about hair loss and hair loss treatment that are mixed truth and myth, and it can be very confusing and frustrating.

Having hair loss is bad enough but receiving misinformation about its causes and treatments just adds to the problem. To clear things, up we have listed down some of the most common misconceptions about hair loss causes and treatments to give you the truth behind them.

Hair loss is caused by high testosterone levels

The fact is, high levels of testosterone don’t actually cause hair loss. It’s caused by sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or most often referred to as DHT, a hormone and natural compound of testosterone.

Wearing hats causes hair loss

As we stated in the last answer, hair loss can happen because of sensitivity to DHT. It doesn’t because of the type of hat you wear or even how often you wear a hat. It is not going to cause you to develop hair loss. The only time a hat would cause hair loss is if you were to wear a hat so tight it cuts off circulation to your hair follicles, and nobody in their right mind would do that because it would be so uncomfortable.

Standing upside-down helps make your hair grow

To most people this sounds silly, but the myth is that hair needs good blood circulation to keep growing. While blood is good for hair follicles, hair loss is not a blood circulation problem. No matter how many times you stand on your head, your hair is never going to start growing again if hair loss is part of your genetic makeup. Let’s say for example that standing upside-down could cause hair regrowth. You wouldn’t be able to stay in that position long enough for it to have any real effect on your hair follicles.

Hair loss only comes from your mother’s side

While a large portion of hair loss for men and women does come from genes, it is not passed on only by women. The gene can be carried by both men and women. Just because your mother’s side of the family doesn’t have baldness, it doesn’t mean that won’t have it from your father’s side.

Excessive shampooing can cause hair loss

Washing your hair is simply good hygiene. It can be the other process of preparing our hair for the day like blow-drying and hair coloring that can damage hair when done excessively. While this later can result in hair loss it usually isn’t permanent. The same goes for shampooing.

Hair loss only affects old people

There are many different causes of hair loss. It is not just the elderly that suffer from hair loss. There are some types of hair loss that can begin when a person is in puberty and even to women and children.

You can’t cure hair loss

This is not completely true. Today, with the many advances in technology it is possible to recover from some hair loss types. There are proven hair loss treatments that have proven to stop hair loss and in many cases to regrow hair. Methods like laser hair therapy a hair transplants. These are safe and FDA-approved processes to restore hair for men and women and in the process it can give them back their self-confidence.

If you would like to know more about these treatments and others but are hesitating, talk to one of our hair experts and they can answer your questions honestly and give you the real facts. At Dermatex Hair Replacement we want you to make the best and most well-informed decision you can in regards to hair restoration and we are glad to assist you in doing that. Call us now at San Diego: (858) 768-2156 — Orange County: (949) 305-2661 for an absolutely free consultation.


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