Classifying Women’s Hair Loss: the Ludwig System


Hair loss in women is much less well understood than men’s hair loss. When a woman shows hair loss, it is very common that hair loss was present among other women in her family. Since genetic hair loss presents itself differently in women and men, doctors use the Ludwig system to classify the type of hair loss women are experiencing rather than using the Norwood scale, which is used for men. The Ludwig scale was created for doctors treating women struggling with Androgenetic Alopecia (genetically related hair loss). The purpose of the Ludwig Scale is to measure female hair loss and determine the most appropriate treatment or hair restoration method. Ludwig Classification of Female Pattern Baldness Scale I: Hair is beginning to become thin and diffuse. However, it is very difficult for anyone except for the woman herself to notice. This is the perfect time to begin taking serious and conscientious methods to employ better hair and scalp care. This may include refraining from using high heat blow-dryers and curling irons. You may also consider purchasing appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp type. This is also the time when you should pay your doctor a visit. Scale [...]

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What Makes Your Hair Color Your Hair Color?


It has long been said that blondes have some good times. All things considered, the jury is still out on that one, yet have you ever asked why you have blonde, red, or chestnut hair? What makes our hair color our hair color? In short, Melanins are in charge of your hair, skin tone and eye shading. In layman's terms Melanins are a gathering of colors present in hair, skin and eyes. Without getting excessively scientific about it, your hair shading is decided by the different measures of melanin and pigment type. There are two kinds of melanin. The darker color tone is called Eumelanin, which is prevailing in both dark and brunette hair. The two variations of Eumelanin are chestnut and dark. Blonde hair happens when smaller measures of brown Eumenlanin are available and different shades are absent. The second sort of melanin is called Pheomelanin, which is a lighter shade that makes red hair. For quite a long time man has battled nature and is continually searching for approaches to sidestep hereditary qualities. The excellence of it is you don't generally need to settle for what you were conceived with. In case you're not content with the shading [...]

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Women’s Hair Loss Replacement: Is It Right for Me?


Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for men and Virtuesse for women are very effective procedures to treat hair loss. If you’ve been struggling with female hair loss and are looking for a solution, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement is a great option! With all of the different options for hair restoration available, you might find yourself unsure which options are even available to you. Read below to learn if Virtual Reality Hair Replacement is right for you! What is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement? Virtual reality hair replacement is not the tacky, heavy, unnatural “wig” that many women have historically associated with women's hair replacement. It is not a wig or hairpiece, but rather a state-of-the-art hair replacement system that is light, cool, and breathable with hair that falls and moves just like your own natural hair. The system is handcrafted to match your hair color and density and can match any hair loss and growth pattern. Virtual reality hair replacement is designed to meet all hair loss problems artistically, technically, and emotionally. It creates nearly undetectable, natural-looking results. Who is a Candidate? Men, women, and children can all benefit from virtual reality hair replacement. It’s a great option for patients who have [...]

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Trichotillomania: A Closer Look


Some of the most common bodily reactions to stress are teeth grinding or a sleepless night, but the most fascinating reaction is a hair loss disease called trichotillomania. People suffering from this disorder will literally pull their own hair out as a way to temporarily relieve stress. It sounds painful to others but to them it’s comforting. What causes trichotillomania and can someone be cured of it? A person suffering from Trichotillomania (TTM) will not be able to control the desire to pull their hair out. How do you know if you have this disorder? First, your hair loss will become noticeable. Secondly, you will feel intense anxiety before the act or when you try not to pull it out. Lastly, a sense of relief will overcome you after you’ve pulled out your hair. If no other disorder has been diagnosed and your hair pulling becomes disruptive to your daily routine, you are suffering from trichotillomania. No one cause of TTM has been determined but it is typically categorized as a form of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior and it has been directly related to all types of stress. The most extreme complications of TTM are agoraphobia or the sufferer may take [...]

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Can Non Surgical Hair Replacement Work for You?


So you want your old, natural hair back.  Everyone suffering from hair loss often does, but for many, that’s not really possible.  The products available today that promote hair regrowth and restoration, generally fall short of expectations and will never give you back your full head of hair once hair loss sets in.  In fact, once you stop taking a hair loss treatment formula, you could very well reverse any progress you made while taking the remedies.  There is just one way to instantly regain a full head of natural-looking hair again and that is through non-surgical hair replacement. Of the few quality options out there, none compares to the hair replacement system pioneered by Virtual Reality.  We are so excited about Virtual Reality because it's a product that's generating so much excitement among both clients and hairstylists alike, both in Hollywood and around the world!  Be sure to go see the videos on other pages that talk about the specifics of the Virtual Reality non-surgical hair replacement systems. But first, some background. Non-surgical hair replacement has traditionally involved plopping a hairpiece on top of a bald head. We're all familiar with the old fake-looking toupees that were taped on [...]

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Are Men or Women Prone to Hair Loss Causes?


The average amount of hair each of us have on our heads is 100,000 hairs. We lose approximately 100 strands of hair every day. The hair loss we have is replaced with new hair growth with the same density. As we age our hair follicles change too. The hair follicles become smaller and the hair they produce become more thin and smaller. This leads the to what is known as patterned hair loss in many of us. Both genders are affected by this and while the pattern of hair loss may differ for men and women, baldness is very common in men, and is usually genetic. The hair loss generally follows a pattern of recession at the temples and baldness on top of the head. Hair loss for women happens with a different pattern. It involves more of a thinning of hair throughout the entire scalp area. True baldness only occurs in about 5% of women. While becoming bald may be more of a male thing, it does happen to women as well, and the hair loss pattern also differs between the genders. What causes hair loss? In some cases there are times when an individual may suffer hair loss [...]

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Busy Life for Women May Cause Hair Loss


Nowadays women not only work, but many of them work more than 40 hours per week and still take care of their families and the home. This can add a tremendous amount of stress to their lives. We know that stress can have a negative affect on our bodies, which can do things like raise our blood pressure and cause fatigue – prolonged stress can also lead to serious heart conditions. There is one other thing that stress can do that most women don’t want to talk about which is women hair loss. When women have hair loss, it most often develops because of genetic issues. This is actually good news for women, especially when stress is the root of the hair loss problem. If immediate treatment can be is sought out, it can increase the chance that the hair loss can be reversed and the hair loss that you have had can grow back. If you believe your hair loss is the result of stress, there is hope for you to regain a full head of hair. The best way to start is to be selfish once in a while. Make time for you to do things you enjoy. [...]

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Female Celebrities Overcame Hair Loss


No matter where you go in the world, people suffer from hair loss. Some of these individuals are the celebrities we see in movies and TV. There are a number of female celebrities that suffer from a variety of female hair loss issues and are able to overcome it. While they may be some of the most beautiful actresses, they all share challenges they had to overcome. Dealing with any amount of hair loss can be overwhelming, and damaging to a person’s self-image. If we take a look at some of these well-known celebrities that not only have to deal with hair loss, but still remained positive and continued to pursue their work, not letting hair loss get the best of them. Naomi Campbell Many may not realize that supermodel Naomi Campbell has suffered from a condition known as traction alopecia for several years now. In 2014, her condition began to be seen in paparazzi photos taken of the model. Her visible hairline was receding. Needless to say the press wasn’t very forgiving of her condition. It has been long speculated that her hair loss is due to the fact that her hair undergoes a lot of stress as she [...]

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