What is CNC Hair Prosthesis System?

cesare ragazzi mens hair replacement san diego californiaCesare Ragazzi Laboratories CNC Hair Replacement System is a hair restoration solution that combines 3D printing technology, custom prosthesis, clinical precision, handcrafted materials, and the highest quality human hair in the world. Available exclusively in the San Diego area from Dermatex Hair Replacement.

What makes a CNC hair prosthesis better?

The patented Cesare Ragazzi CNC system uses the latest technology and science, to deliver a custom-made prosthetic hair system that is a perfect replica of your scalp and natural hair.

Perfect scalp replication, designed for you

Nothing is pre-made, and only the highest quality materials are used. Superior to other hair replacement alternatives, the CNC system delivers a flawlessly natural look — no one will ever know!

Live an active lifestyle…sweat, sun, waterproof

Water, wind, sweat, sun and sleep proof — you can enjoy the freedom of a fully active lifestyle, including swimming, cycling and high impact sports. And you can style your hair any way you want it!

Protection of your natural hair

Unlike other non-surgical hair systems, CNC fully protects your natural hair. A flexible bio medical adhesive is used to attach to the scalp and is grafted over your natural hair.

Dermatologically tested, safe & proven

Safe and dermatologically tested, the CNC system follows strict quality controls throughout the production process, to guarantee health and hygiene standards.

Exquisite hair quality — 100% virgin human hair

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Systems use only the finest 100% virgin unprocessed human hair to achieve perfect hair density, texture, color and curl pattern, all of which are determined by closely studying your individual characteristics.

Who is the CNC Hair Replacement System designed for?

Suitable for men and women alike, the Cesare Ragazzi CNC hair replacement system has been designed to restore your hair, freedom and confidence.

There are many causes of hair loss including hereditary, hormone imbalances, medical conditions, or as a result of certain medications like chemotherapy. While a cure for permanent hair loss is yet to be found, the CNC system delivers a safe, completely natural non-invasive solution for anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning. To see for yourself, schedule a free, private consultation today with our San Diego hair replacement team.