Cesare Ragazzi Hair Replacement for Men

Amazing and Unique, Patented Solutions to Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia

cesare ragazzi mens hair replacement san diego california

At Dermatex Hair Replacement in San Diego, we have the perfect answer for men with thinning hair and alopecia: a totally natural looking, completely custom, non-invasive Hair Replacement Solution to give you back not only your hair, but also your confidence and style.

With over 20 years experience, we combine the latest in modern European technology and style to give you the finest men’s hair loss solutions available anywhere in Southern California.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Introducing Cesare Ragazzi Hair for Men – Life-Changing 3-D Printed Men’s Hair Systems Custom Made in Italy. Capelli Naturalia Contatto (Natural Contact Hair), is the most advanced non-surgical hair replacement system for men suffering from hair loss.

Wouldn’t you love to not think about your thinning hair? You can live life without compromise with the hair you have wanted. You can style it, run your hands through it, do all the activities you enjoy, because not only is it your hair, it’s your life restored.



CNC Cesere Ragazzi Men's Hair RestorationDermatex Hair is dedicated to providing our clients with the most natural, most advanced hair restoration technology available. That is why we offer the Cesare Ragazzi CNC® non-surgical hair replacement solutions in San Diego.

Every Cesare Ragazzi men’s hair replacement system is meticulously crafted to match your existing hair, including scalp color, hair texture, and styled the way you like. It is all about giving you the look you want, with the quality and craftsmanship to stay in place no matter how active your lifestyle is. Even up close and personal, Cesare Ragazzi’s European men’s hair replacement looks and feels totally natural.

Amazing Hair Replacement for Men Regardless of Age


The CNC system is a special hair thickening system that integrates with your own natural going hair in areas of the scalp where you are experiencing baldness and thinning hair without the need for surgery. This is a perfect approach for clients who are not candidates for hair transplantation due to the lack of sufficient donor hair.

The Cesare Ragazzi European hair replacement system is a non-invasive solution that is personalized for each client on an individual basis and restores a natural, full look that is simply incredible. With Cesare Ragazzi Hair Replacement for Men you can:

  • Enjoy the freedom of living your life without the feeling of being self-conscious of your hair loss.
  • Be secure in knowing that your hair replacement offers proven day-in day-out results that are resistant to stress, sweat, water and sun exposure.
  • Be confident in knowing that it offers a practical and long-lasting solution.
  • Rely on a hypoallergenic, breathable system that has been dermatologically tested to maintain a normal healthy scalp.
  • Return to high-impact sports such as swimming or soccer at any level – even professionally.
Cesare Ragazzi mens hair loss restoration san diego california


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