Nowadays women not only work, but many of them work more than 40 hours per week and still take care of their families and the home. This can add a tremendous amount of stress to their lives. We know that stress can have a negative affect on our bodies, which can do things like raise our blood pressure and cause fatigue – prolonged stress can also lead to serious heart conditions. There is one other thing that stress can do that most women don’t want to talk about which is women hair loss.

When women have hair loss, it most often develops because of genetic issues. This is actually good news for women, especially when stress is the root of the hair loss problem. If immediate treatment can be is sought out, it can increase the chance that the hair loss can be reversed and the hair loss that you have had can grow back.

If you believe your hair loss is the result of stress, there is hope for you to regain a full head of hair. The best way to start is to be selfish once in a while. Make time for you to do things you enjoy. Eating a healthy diet and exercising are also beneficial to growing healthy hair. By taking time to de-stress, your body that has turn off growth factors to your hair can be eliminated and the hair follicles that had stopped producing hair can once again return to their normal hair growth cycle and begin to grow hair.

While taking better care of yourself helps in reducing stress, seeing a hair restoration expert for a hair and scalp consultation can give you expert advice to prevent hair loss in the future. They can also go over other thinning hair solutions like laser hair loss treatment therapy. This is a proven treatment that can stop hair loss and reverse the look of thinning hair.

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