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Cathy Zackrias is the senior hair loss treatment specialist of PAI Medical Hair Restoration in Edmonton, Alberta, an internationally recognized Hair Restoration clinic providing all proven method of surgical hair transplantation and non-surgical hair loss treatment for men and women throughout the Edmonton, Alberta area.

Scalp Related Hair Loss for Men & Women


Losing your hair is never something that you expect, regardless of the reason. We all know that the chance of us having our hair thin increases as we age, and if you undergo treatments like chemotherapy, that too causes your hair to fall out. If you lose your hair because of a skin condition, what do you do? Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can affect the scalp, and when this happens, it can affect the growth of hair. You don’t hear much talk about how to cope with scalp-related hair issues. For those inflicted with this condition, it is a real problem: one that can be painful and often is so stigmatized that those with it cover up their problem areas out of embarrassment. Hair Loss and Self-Esteem If you are one of the many individuals that live with a skin condition, one of the first steps you should take in dealing with the condition is realizing that you are not alone. Others have your same condition and can understand how you feel. Many people that suffer some sort of hair loss deal with how it affects their self-image. Add to that a skin condition as being the cause [...]

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Are Men or Women Prone to Hair Loss Causes?


The average amount of hair each of us have on our heads is 100,000 hairs. We lose approximately 100 strands of hair every day. The hair loss we have is replaced with new hair growth with the same density. As we age our hair follicles change too. The hair follicles become smaller and the hair they produce become more thin and smaller. This leads the to what is known as patterned hair loss in many of us. Both genders are affected by this and while the pattern of hair loss may differ for men and women, baldness is very common in men, and is usually genetic. The hair loss generally follows a pattern of recession at the temples and baldness on top of the head. Hair loss for women happens with a different pattern. It involves more of a thinning of hair throughout the entire scalp area. True baldness only occurs in about 5% of women. While becoming bald may be more of a male thing, it does happen to women as well, and the hair loss pattern also differs between the genders. What causes hair loss? In some cases there are times when an individual may suffer hair loss [...]

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Emotional Hair Loss Stages


When a person goes through a major loss, grief is a perfectly normal process that accompanies the hair loss. The whole grief process is complex. The grieving process is psychological, emotional, and physical and has an impact on individuals, friends and family. We have listed below the more common phases that people move through as they grieve.  Denial: "I'm fine. This can't be happening, not to me." One of the first stages is denial. It is an initial temporary defense we go through. When you first notice your hair is beginning to thin or that you notice hair loss, you may not what to believe it is happening. You may even convince others that you aren’t losing your hair. Anger: "Why me? It's not fair!"; "How can this happen to me?"; "Who is to blame?" Anger often follows denial for many. Once you acknowledge that your hair is thinning, some individuals become angry. It happens because individuals feel it isn’t fair that this is happening to them and it isn’t happening to others. Bargaining: "I'll do anything."; "I would give my life savings if only..." In this stage, a person goes into almost a negotiation stage. The negotiation is actually [...]

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