With so many hair loss treatment products and regimens available, you must be wondering which one is right for you. We’re glad you’re taking the time to do some research before you buy and start using any hair loss products.  The road to a full head of hair is littered with so many bottles and boxes of products that didn’t work. So many people have lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars buying products that are either outright scams or that greatly exaggerate their benefits.  Here’s a short description of some of the hair loss treatments available to help you make an informed buying decision.


Hair loss medications work to promote hair re-growth.  For men, these treatments might generally include a DHT blocker (as in Rogaine for Men).  For women – who don’t have the male hormone DHT – there are different formulations of hair loss medication.  Women will find that many doctors will want to make sure that androgenetic alopecia is the case before prescribing medication.  And for both men and women making the first attempt at treatment, doctors will more often rather prescribe a topical treatment rather than one taken internally.


Hair loss clinics can be great places to get diagnosed.  When looking for a hair loss treatment, you should consider a hair loss clinic as they are truly the experts on this condition.  Be aware, though, that many so-called clinics are there to sell a particular therapy and they will not present you with the full range of treatments, but rather hard sell you on the one or two they provide.

Genuine hair loss clinics can provide you with an objective consultation or refer you to a doctor in your area that knows more about hair loss than the average doctor.  To find a clinic that’s truly interested in you and not just in selling you on their therapy, look for objective information online – in forums and on sites that are known to be unbiased.  Also, ask friends and health care professionals for recommendations.  There is nothing wrong with using multiple resources!

Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Laser hair loss treatment may be an alternative for you, especially if your hair loss is permanent or other forms of less costly treatments are not working.  With laser hair loss treatment, you can experience hair re-growth and prevent further hair loss, but you can also graft in hair into balding areas.  These procedures are non-surgical procedures of hair loss treatment.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural hair loss treatment encompasses a range of products and ideas that are nutrition-based.  Hopefully, we all understand how important having a good, proper nutrition is to our body.  A natural hair loss treatment supplements vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body that may be contributing to hair loss.  Interestingly, it’s good to know that if your hair loss is attributed to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, the use of a natural hair loss treatment will reverse the hair loss and you will experience hair re-growth!

There are still many more types of hair loss treatment remedies available.  Keep in mind that there is currently still no hair loss “cure.”  Companies or people who promise you a cure should be taken with a grain – or entire shaker – of salt. The truth is that there are thousands of products that make claims of being the hair loss cure, but most are nothing more than a vitamin supplement.  These can be very helpful – for your hair loss and your general health – but they are not a cure.

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